I'm Erin Bagshaw, the
Nurse Practitioner seeing you today!

Every day, I get to witness the incredible strength and resilience of those who come through my doors seeking help. Each person is unique, with their own story, struggles, and hopes for the future. I am committed to providing the same compassionate care that I would my own family. Seeing patients recover and regain their health brings me immense joy and satisfaction. It's not always easy work, but knowing that I'm making a difference in someone's life makes it all worthwhile. I feel grateful for the opportunity to serve my community and contribute to making the world a better place, even if it's just one patient at a time.

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Karen Herb, MS, CNS, LDN, IFMCP

Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist: Meet Karen L. Herb

Karen is passionate about finding simplicity in all things – a valuable skill in her prior legal career which required translating complex topics into readily digestible information that could be more widely shared. Now she combines this penchant with advanced nutrition and functional medicine education. She recognizes the need to help improve patient outcomes by simplifying nutrition and lifestyle recommendations – information that is often deemed to be overwhelming and conflicting.

Eileen T. O'Grady PHD, RN, NP & Wellness Coach

Author, Speaker, Wellness Expert:
Meet Dr. Eileen T. O'Grady

Dr. O'Grady has accomplished a lot in her life so far. She's not only a successful author, but also the founder of The School of Wellness. Her work focuses on helping people take care of themselves and live balanced lives. Dr. O'Grady has even given talks all over the U.S about this topic! With three graduate degrees to her name, including one in nursing and health policy, she's truly an expert in her field.  

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Our Team

Our team brings decades of experience and an exhaustive list of credentials to the table. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service with a focus on patient-centered care. Trust us to be your partners in achieving optimal health outcomes.

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  • Erin Bagshaw, MSN, NP, IFM-CP, CTH
    Education & Certifications:
    *Bachelor of Science in Nursing -
    George Mason University
    *Master of Science in Nursing/Nurse Practitioner– George Mason/George Washington University collaborative program, graduated with honors
    *Board Certified Adult Nurse Practitioner-
    American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
    *Certified Functional Medicine Provider
    (IFM-CP), Institute for Functional Medicine
    *Certificate in Travel Medicine (CTM), The International Society of Travel Medicine
    *Certificate in IV Nutritional Therapy, International IV Nutritional Therapy and Global Physician Education.

  • Karen Herb, MS, CNS. LDN, IFM-CP
    Education & Certifications:

    *Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal Studies -
    Stevenson University
    *Master's Degree in Functional Nutrition -
    University of Bridgeport
    *Certified Nutrition Specialist | BCNS
    *Licensed Dietitian-Nutritionist -
    State of Maryland and D.C.
    *Certified Functional Medicine Provider
    (IFM-CP) Institute for Functional Medicine

  • Eileen O’Grady, PhD, NP, PCC
    Education & Certifications
    *Master of Public Health - George Washington University
    *Master of Science in Nursing – George Mason University
    *Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing/Health Policy – George Mason University
    *Professional Certified (Life) Coach (PCC), International Coaching Federation.

what drives us

Our Core Values

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We put our heart and soul into every patient we treat. We work our cases from every angle to ensure that we provide a thorough solutions for our patients. However, we don't stop there we continuously look for ways to optimize our patients' health.

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We communicate effectively and transparently with patients, making sure they understand their treatment plans and what to expect. We hold ourselves to high standards and we always put the patient's well-being first.

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You will get honestly regarding your care and what is needed to make a difference or change your health. Care changes as one ages; as well as helath priorites. We are here as partners in your health along the way.

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We approach each patient with empathy and kindness. We listen attentively, offer words of encouragement, and lend a supportive ear when needed. We'll do any and everything we can to ensure that you feel seen, heard, and cared for.

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