About Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates

Established in 2004

We are the first
Nurse Practitioner owned and operated Primary Care practice in Washington, DC

At Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to growth and evolution. Unlike other practices that are content with a one-size-fits-all approach, we continuously expand our education, experience, and services to deliver unparalleled care to our patients. Our relationship based individual care model has remained a cornerstone of our philosophy as we relentlessly pursue excellence for those we serve. Our patient population is diverse, ranging from adolescence to centenarians. As a matter of fact, we have been privileged to provide care to three generations of patients! We invite you to peruse our timeline and witness the impressive progress we've made towards achieving our goal of providing exceptional healthcare. Join us to experience firsthand what sets us apart. Trust us when we say that your health and well-being will always be our top priority.

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Nurse Practitioner Erin Bagshaw Breaks Barriers

In 2007 our Founder and Nurse Practitioner, Erin Bagshaw, NP becomes the first independent Nurse Practitioner to be granted hospital privileges at Johns Hopkins Sibley Memorial Hospital.


Introduced New Travel Medicine Services

In the year 2007, our practice received certification as a Certified Yellow Fever Center. This achievement was due to our founder's successful completion of a Certification in Travel Medicine from the International Society of Travel Medicine. Our patient base expanded to include individuals traveling for the State Department, Foreign Service, Embassies, and the World Bank, which brought to light the identifiable health risks associated with international travel.


Our Founder Embarks On A Tropical Medicine Expedition To Tanzania, Africa

Our practice has seen cases of Typhoid, Dengue, Traveler's Diarrhea, cutaneous larva migrans (a worm in the foot), and even tested for Herpes B - a virus transmitted via monkeys. To better equip our practice to handle these illnesses upon patients' return to the US, we completed this expedition to gain the necessary skills.


Introduced Functional Medicine To Combat Chronic Disease

In response to the alarming rise of chronic diseases among our patients in 2015, we took a proactive step towards addressing this health crisis. We introduced Functional Medicine as a new specialty to combat these conditions and promote long-term wellness. Our mission has always been to provide comprehensive care that addresses the root cause of illnesses, rather than just treating symptoms.


Revolutionized Our Healthcare Delivery With Cutting-Edge Technology

 In 2016, we took a leap forward by embracing cutting-edge technology to provide groundbreaking services. We adopted an all-new EMR system that revolutionized healthcare delivery by incorporating a patient portal and enabling secure messaging with the provider team. Our virtual visit service has transformed how patients receive medical attention as they can now access quality care and essential health information from anywhere in the world.


A Functional Medicine Nutritionist Joins Our Team

We made a pivotal decision in 2017 to bring on board a functional nutritionist, an invaluable asset in the development of our exceptional functional medicine treatment plans. Their expertise has proven vital in providing tailored nutrition advice and guidance for our patients to achieve optimal health outcomes.


Collaboration With Wellness Coach Begins

We embarked on a collaborative journey with our esteemed wellness coach. We recognized that sometimes patients can feel "stuck" when it comes to making the necessary changes for improved health. That's where our wellness coach comes in - offering invaluable assistance and guidance to those who need it most.


Erin Bagshaw, NP Earns  Certification in Functional Medicine

In 2020, Erin Bagshaw, NP becomes a Certified Functional Medicine Provider (IFM-CP) through the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Functional Nutritionist Achieves IFM-CP Certification in Functional Medicine

In 2023, our Functional Nutritionist becomes one of the few Functional Nutritionist Certified in Functional Medicine (IFM-CP) through the Institute for Functional Medicine.


Introduction of IV Nutrition Therapy

This certification represents a major milestone for us as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in healthcare. With this new capability, we can help our patients achieve optimal health and wellness by addressing their unique nutritional needs in a targeted and personalized way.