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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you accept medical insurance?

At Northwest Nurse Practitioner Associates, we operate under a healthcare model that is truly patient centered.
Without insurance involvement, our patients have the freedom to collaborate with their provider to make decisions regarding the care that best suits their needs. An added benefit is that we are more assessible and can take the time necessary get to know you and foster a meaningful partnership.

I already have a primary care provider. Can I still utilize your services?

We're happy that you already have a primary care provider. Our functional medicine subscription will complement the care you're already receiving. Think of it as a bridge between what you currently have and what could take your health to the next level. Plus, when you join our practice, you'll also gain access to a personal patient portal account where you can easily share information with your primary care provider.

What happens if I have used all of my visits and I need to see my provider?

If you happen to use up all of the visits included in your plan but still have time remaining on your subscription, you will have the option to purchase additional visits. The cost of these extra visits will depend on their duration and complexity.

Can I submit your claims to my insurance?

We are a fee for service practice.  We also do not participate with Medicare.  Once your visit is completed, and the Nurse Practitioner signs your note a HCFA form is populated – this is the standard claim form that is submitted to insurance companies.  Everything that is needed to submit to the insurance company is on this form.  You will be able to download it directly from the Patient Portal. 

Does my package include the cost of laboratory testing?

Our subscriptions do not cover laboratory costs. For conventional testing that is normally part of a physical, the labs are drawn on-site and sent to either LabCorp or Quest through your insurance.  For Functional Medicine testing, we have open contracts with the Lab companies.  You are welcome to discuss any costs of testing directly with them.  It is possible they will be covered by insurance, but if not, they can also give you the best rate directly through their “cash” pricing.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here to support you on your healthcare journey.

Is there parking nearby your office?  

There is free 2-hour parking on the streets surrounding our location. Please watch the posted signs for instruction. We are also conveniently situated along the WMATA red line Metro Rail System between the Woodley Park Zoo/Adams Morgan and Cleveland Park stations. We are located directly across from the main entrance of the National Zoo.

What is the cost for an appointment?

Depending on the package service you choose, the cost varies. Please our subscription page with the fees listed for each package type.

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